Zoe Aphamis

It was Spring 2016 when for the first time I’ve heard about Alexis through a common friend.  It was a period where I knew more or less what I wanted from my life but I didn’t know how to achieve it.  When my friend gave me Alexis phone number I called him almost right away.  Don’t worry if he won’t answer your call, he will call back.
The same day he called me back and something wonderful happened…we were talking as if we knew each other for years!! There was a great connection from the first “Hello”.  I explained more or less (I didn’t even had it clear in my mind what I really wanted) to Alexis why I called him and we arranged for a meeting in two days from our call.
The day of our meeting I was so excited and anxious to meet Alexis.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from our meeting so I just went to meet him and I was sure that I would find more things than I expected.  When I arrived at the meeting point, I remember Alexis was walking to the coffee shop and when I entered I saw him and weirdly I was “Alexis?” (don’t ask me how I knew that this person who walking in the coffee shop was Alexis…I guess it was intuition).
Something wonderful and magical happened that moment…we were talking so comfortable with each other, we were laughing as if we haven’t met that moment. From my side, the shy part was totally disappeared and I could see one part of myself who for years was well and safely “locked” on its own shell. What a feeling!! I was free and my self with Alexis and then I realised how much I have missed that part of myself!!
After some introduction and get knowing each other the first question dropped like…a bomb (at least that’s how I felt that moment) “What do you want from me” Alexis asked. Oh man, I had that look “erm…I don’t know, I’m not sure” and then I’ve started talking and talking and talking.
That period of time I wanted only 3 things in my life: 1. to be happy (for years and years I was feeling that there was something missing from my life and  I couldn’t be happy), 2. have a healthy and successful relationship (back then I was in a relationship and I wanted it to be successful and healthy as I could feel that there was something wrong with it), 3. become a JCI Vice President for 2017 (JCI is a worldwide volunteering organization for young active citizens of age 18-40 and I was a candidate for JCI International Vice President).
When I told Alexis these 3 points he had that look “ok, piece of cake!”.  Before we start talking in details about these 3 points the first thing he told me was “If you want to succeed in these 3 parts you have to do whatever I tell you and follow my instructions”.  That was like my golden rule!! Then he told me that I can achieve all these 3 and for the part of the relationship his words were “you will get what you want but not with this one! I will show you how to get a better one and what you deserve”. To be honest I was “huh? What do you mean, I’m going to break up?” and then he was “If you want to have a healthy relationship you have to wash away any negativity from your life and this relationship is bringing you so much negativity in your life”. Wow!! How did he know!? But he was totally right. I did break up, I felt so much lighter and positive right away and I was ready to start working for a better and positive me!
We’ve started working hard with Alexis and in record time I could see such a great improvement because I was doing whatever he was telling me to do. My happiness came almost right away because I realised that I should have leave back anything and anyone who made me feel bad, causing me negative feelings and I’ve learned how not to pay attention to negative things and see the positive side.  Also, he taught me how to embrace the negative moments (life is not only positive and full of roses moments) but at the same time not affecting me.  Just simple as that my happy me was back again!! I learned how to love myself again and appreciate me of who I am and what I can do.
Of course we continued working hard to accomplish all my wants on the list.  During our coaching, I needed to have an operation for which he also helped me how to prepare for my operation psychologically.  The operation was successful, everything went well, the healing process was going amazing with no much pain apart one thing…the drugs from the anesthesia, caused me depression.  I couldn’t concentrate, whatever we have done I could remember the half of it and the worst was whatever I have studied for my JCI candidacy was completely gone…I couldn’t remember a thing!! But Alexis was there for me, to help me how to overcome depression without any medicines and also how to study in order to overcome the missing part of my studies faster. Here I have one thing to say, he is doing miracles!! Without him I don’t if I could get over depression so fast and completely!!
The days were passing by and I could see my life changing so nicely, I was happy, nothing could stop me and then the days for my travel to 2016 JCI World Congress in Quebec where the elections for JCI Board 2017 would take place.  I was so stressed but at the same time I knew how to handle things as I was well trained from Alexis.  It was a procedure of interviews, speech in front of thousand people but I did all these with a bright smile because I was finally myself and I was happy and honored just for having that opportunity to be a candidate. And yes!! I did it!! Today I’m one of the five 2017 JCI Vice Presidents for Europe and without Alexis coaching I wouldn’t have made it!! He taught me how to handle my stress, how to breath during stress and most important how to believe in myself!!
And for the end, I have left the best part of my life!! Love!! What a beautiful word when you receive it from the right person!! As I have mentioned above, I told Alexis that I want to have a healthy and a normal relationship in my life!! I have been in many relationships but none of them was the right one for several reasons, I have been married for a short period of time, in a psychological abusive marriage where I was losing myself day by day and dying inside me.  After that I have been in a relationship where things weren’t as they looked like.  My dearest coach though told me that he would help me find my perfect match and the love I deserve! How he did that?  So simple.  He taught me how to feel inside me about myself, to discover inside me what is what I want from the person I will be with, how I want to be with my person and how I want to be with my person.  That was the best advice I have ever received about love matters!! And today, I’m so happy to say that I have found my perfect match, the love of my life, my happiness!! Some times love is coming the most unexpected moment from the most unexpected people. I have found my love so unexpectedly and from a person with whom we were (and still are) very good friends, being able to talk about everything, being myself, not worrying what to say and how to express myself.  This love has given me wings to fly, follow my dreams and finding my home in a new country with my man, supporting me, loving me as no one has ever loved me before, chasing and working for our dreams, for our future!! I never knew that someone could love so deeply and be so happy!! Two new wonderful feelings for me!! I feel so lucky and blessed to have my man in my life!!
Alexis has taught me so many wonderful things but mostly how to accomplish my dreams and targets.   He can be strict but believe me he knows what he is doing and you won’t regret it if you hire Alexis for your coach!! He’s the best!!
Last but not the least, I feel lucky, honored and blessed to have met Alexis first as my coach and now I can call him one of my dearest and best friends!!
Thank you for everything my dearest friend!!
Best Regards

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