VIP coaching sessions


VIP coaching sessions with Alex

Go “all in” with this VIP exclusive coaching sessions
and have immediate access to all of my personal
services, methods and techniques as also the services of
the members of IamFree VIP Coaching Services.

My personal services are targeting* high level executives,
sport players, poker players, entrepreneurs and they include:

– Advanced psychoanalysis and Probability Calculations ®.

Find what reasons in the past created your current life scenario,
what are their effects in the NOW and what they project in the future.
Based on analytic interpretation of Natal Chart, both of these
services provide in depth analysis of the effects of past experiences
and a high percentage of what follows in the future according to current
data analysis and personal psychological state.

This gives us the  advantage to know in detail whats is
better for you and what will bring the fastest and most guaranteed success.

– ROOT and R.O.P methods ® of Subconscious Reprogramming

These two techniques were created by me after 8 years of practicing
and experimentation and their main objective is to
restructure the clients perception and belief system (R.O.P),
by targeting the unconscious hidden part of the mind
and effectively transmute thought-forms and
old unnecessary energetic patterns and matrix-blueprints.
(Segments of those methods included: EFT, NLP-Hypnosis and TAT.)

– Celtic Cross Tarot Reading.

For those who prefer a different method of approaching
the unconscious part of the mind to reveal past and future
occurrences,  I offer my knowledge and expertise in Marseilles Tarot
Reading giving the client the opportunity to experience
the magic and mystery of Tarot.

– Pulsative Reiki ® Shiatsu Massage

As an Advanced Reiki Master Healer & Massage Connoisseur my self,
I developed a highly effective technique which uses Reiki energy in wave
forms while I apply Shiatsu massage techniques on specific pressure points.
I have been dealing with patients who were considered  “lost” cases
for more than 8 years delivering astounding results  due to my extended
knowledge on a variety of medical methods
and practices which deliver actual results.

-Professional Personal Counselling and Guidance

With my expertise on Jungian, Experimental and Developmental Psychology,
as a Master energy healer, and as a life coach and multi level entrepreneur
I can give direct and precise advises on matters regarding your personal life and relationships to issues regarding your entrepreneurial endeavors.
As a natural born psyche and with my highly developed intuitive abilities
I have many aces hidden under my sleeve  and I am ready to  share my knowledge enthusiasm and motivation with my  clients and friends,
pushing them to the next level like nothing else.

IamFree VIP Group of Professionals.

My professional team members are one of the best
and most famous in Cyprus and they will cover services
from image making, customized luxury services to business startups:


We provide with:

Personal Make Up Artists – At your place
Personal Clinical Nutritionist – Custom Diet Plans
Personal Trainers – Custom Exercise Programs
Personal Spa, Sound-therapy & Aromatherapy
Personal Yoga & Meditation classes

(they include all of my personal services according to the clients needs & access to all of my Team members VIP Programs & Services/ ask for extra services or products)


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*We currently don’t provide services to Network Marketing (MLM) enthusiasts.”
**Terms and conditions apply. We will send you the conditions via email you can sign the required papers on the personal meeting.

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