Only love for us

fd3474d02046294795765091dd56ae1dLove. The energy signature of God. All of our lives we seek for it, we dedicate our whole lives on finding the right one, we go from heartbreak to heartbreak and so on and so on. We seek it in our parents, in our friends, in everything. And when we don’t find what we “think” it will makes us happy, all the kinds of discord begin with the urge of blaming, criticizing and extreme neediness.

“They are my parents, they supposed to love me and do all that is good for me”. “She is my girl, she is supposed to call me every hour.” “He didn’t send me a message, it means he has other priorities, I come second” etc etc. All the mambo jumbo of the Ego arises on the surface when our “needs” are not meant. I need this3744b1b12f05fdccd04a764a1a490e8e.jpg to be happy, I need to be approved, I need to be heard, I need to be loved.

Need creates more need and therefore deeper issues and problems.  Bigger the needs, bigger the gap.  Love you see is an energy which resides within everything. We have the capacity to even love ourselves and feel complete and at ease! You see you don’t need something external, you only need to hear yourself and BECOME the love you want to experience!

When you focus on people who YOU think they don’t love you, then you will amplify this creating even MORE of the confusion and the chaos, making it even more difficult to believe in anything else, as what you believe and focus tends to grow huge. Remove your attention from the perception of “this is this and because of that it must do this” therefore some things, some scenarios and some people “must” have the love essence towards you.

When 071a106ff15949b114cbd4829f77f319we need to be approved and accepted it means in a deeper sense that WE need to accept and approve ourselves so we will NOT need the approval of anyone.

How uniqueness would exist if everything was lovable, beautiful, ideal and the same? How could we develop and progress when we are approved while we need to see in depth what needs to change and act accordingly?

Love is the final step on the “ladder of virtues”, the most difficult virtue to attain, the one that resides to the realm of God Himself. The life itself is a journey through the peeling of the layers of programming in order to accept, give and finally BECOME love.

Be humble my friend, always love with all your force and 77 times forgive and let go. Love is by far the strongest weapon and is used correctly only by the bravest of this planet. Give, give and give always. And when someone gives ANYTHING to you even at that time seems not satisfying or enough just take it and be grateful. Accepting love comes from the humbleness of not expectation, of the appreciation of EVERYTHING that is given to us and from recognizing the walls of egoic2013224342-mondaymantra2 pride which makes love impossible to come as these walls have “statements” of which kind of love is permitted to come inside. We usually look for love to come through family, beautiful handsome lovers and amazing friends. Love comes from everywhere and always. Look. Even now. The moment you are having, reading this article, breathing and having the chance to be alive. This is Love. The kind of love that is so subtle but it the main reason you are alive. So appreciate. Appreciate this moment that is full of love.

Call a friend. Send a message. Say sorry. Create a beautiful moment for someone, or even for you. Namaste. Love is the Law. Love Under Will.

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Eclipses 101.The tool of the Gods.

tumblr_m6x4la2Gj61qffkwto1_500.jpgOh the holy power of Mother Moon! And her strength and effectiveness to those who know to use  her energies? A treasure of the few.

Blessed be the ones who have the knowledge to nurture and use her powerful and potent energies to do good.

I remember back in the days the many times that I used her benevolent and really powerful energies to get rid of unwanted situations or people and stop unwanted circles from repeating. And on the Eclipses…Yes. The Eclipses. The Lunar ones that take precious female people from your life and the Solar ones that are focused on the male part. Yes these ones. That trigger a 6 month period of GREAT change or sometimes recovering from THAT change that happened before!

A surreal situation with sudden and surprising changes that are the “focal point” of your attention x100 times, so the question is …where are your thoughts focusing so long? On the “lack” aspect or on the “LUCK” aspect? tumblr_static_luckymi.jpg

But this time if you actually really need to get “rid” of anyone who’s on your nerves and for a thousand reasons you are not meant to be together, then your focal point of attention will not bring results on removing them but instead will amplify things to the worst. The necessity of a reasonable and conscious approach but also the use of the proper ceremony/ritual is essential on harnessing and directing the energies of the Moon properly. A trained mind on meditation is way easier to do that but during the Eclipses anyone can have a significant effect by using their mind and words properly. But where? I will tell you exactly large.jpgwhere you need to put your attention.(no pun intended!) NOT on the people or circumstances BUT in the inner reasons and mindset that actually manifest your reality AND all those people and reasons!

What is your inner “need” or vulnerability that keep you locked in these unwanted repeating patterns over and over again?

Eclipses are not a toy on the hands of the uninitiated. You need to examine your thoughts and your intentions really carefully before you attain anything and in a depth of profound tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640.jpgawareness that wasn’t in your cards before.

So for me, Eclipses are the best and the most effective tool for personal development that can save you years of training but it can also remove unwanted scenarios from your life and boost your life forward.

Especially this one, on the 11th of February (2:34 am Nic-CY) which is surrounded with all the Fire energies, it will give a momentum of unknown proportions to those who are full on and moving from before. You can also use the energies of these Eclipses by yourself and also with the help of the professionals, to ensure success and make the best out of everything in your life. Remember. You only live once. Might the eclipse take the unwanted away and bring the blessings to all of us. Namaste.

(I personally create deeply custom occult sigils for manifesting based on each clients personal data – I create the drawing and you have also the option to digitize it with an extra cost >> contact me personally at my FB page)

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The path to Genius

ea07_periodic_geniusFirst of all if you began reading this article, first reason its your infinite curiosity, second you might know me and yes you are curious about what I think and third you might belong to that rare group of people who are into a certain path of progress in a more conscious way and you were attracted by the title, by your need for more development.

This particular mechanism of self “initiation” into the path of self development does not exist on everyone. Genetically wise that is, which is based on the re-incarnation progress of the large.gifindividual which is afterwards imprinted on the DNA molecular structure. A combination of individual fights with Ego while trying to overcome its obscurities and abnormalities while moving towards the realization of our Godliness. This is how you gain knowledge.

>>Through repetitive lessons that change your perception, and then by the repeated habitual pattern of the new information and habit you change your neuro-linguistic programming which then has as immediate effect on your Matrix by projecting the new info on the ether.

Yes. Sound strange perhaps but this is the whole reality in a sentence. Hundreds of thousands of reincarnations that train your perception in order to receive the beautiful subtle energies of the Cosmos. And then once you get rid of all these layers of the Egoic structure you are able to receive these energies and then use them to create life (through ideas, products, services that all eventually benefit mankind).

But these energies are hidden under layers of endless excuses and avoidance, procrastination and longing of sexual and material desires and belongings, things that the tumblr_static_tumblr_static_ef77l94og1kw80w4gg0c8w4wg_640Ego, our free willed self is here to taste and experience.

While you are “tasting” though the Life’s joys and sorrows, there is always a lesson hidden in every moment that will lead you higher in the consciousness ranking, something your real Higher self longs for. Something YOU signed for, before re-incarnating to this plane of existence .

SOOooooo….! If you start taking the lesson and move ON instead of staying stuck to the moment, desire, material possession, relationship, memories etc, you will eventually have significant progress and later you will simply realize that THIS is the authentic path to Genius. Cause Genius (Djin – a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people) is our transformation to a being of many capabilities and advanced skills that has an immediate effect on our surroundings and especially on people.

So one more aspect of the Genius is to be able to integrate himself in the Mass while he is different by a far degree and his connection with his fellow beings will have a significant loss in communication and their ability to understand and feel him will be at the bottom of the chart. Therefore the path of becoming a Djin is composed by the rational and the intellectual advancement which is also accompanied by thetumblr_inline_nam2hoTjM81so10o6.gif ethical and moral code and its apply in everyday life, after we solidely accepted the concept of every moral code we come to learn through our Earthly experience.

So just keep the thirst for knowledge and expansion and put the important factor of “discipline” into play and you are full on. The Universe will get you there as long as you dont go into a stagnation mode. So be active. In every level of your experience.

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Money and desire

I was trying to find words to express, thoughts were scattered by the silence that intruded my busy mind. Silence, a song of the soul, the most potent source of happiness. I will let the master himself Mr. Alejandro Jodorowsky to give you a mesmerizing approach to silence and the real God of our age, money.

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Ορφικός ύμνος Φύσεως – Hymn for Mother Nature

Ώ θεά Φύσι, μητέρα των πάντων, πολυμήχανη μητέρα, επουράνια, σεβαστή θεά πού κτίζεις τα πάντα, βασίλισσα εσύ δαμάζεις τα πάντα, είσαι ακατανίκητος, εσύ κυβερνάς, λάμπεις πολύ. είσαι ή κυρία των πάντων, πάντοτε τιμημένα ό υπεράνω όλων θεός·
είσαι αθάνατη, πρωτότοκος, παναρχαία και εις τους άνδρας παρέχεις δοξαν νυκτερινή, έχεις μεγαλην πείραν φέρεις το φως δυσκόλως καθησυχάζεις, και περιελίσσεις αθόρυβα τα ίχνη των ποδιών σου (περιπατείς αθόρυβα). Είσαι αγνή, διατάσσεις τους θεούς, είσαι το τέλος, χωρίς να έχης τέλος είσαι κοινή εις όλα (μετέχεις εις τα πάντα), αλλά μόνον εις έσέ δεν συμμετέχει τίποτε είσαι ή ίδία πατέρας του εαυτού σου (εγεννήθης αφ εαυτής), διότι πατέρα δεν έχεις, είσαι και αρσενική και πολυμήχανη και πάρα πολύ μεγάλη ανθηρά, περιπλέκεις τα πάντα, είσαι φίλη, αναμειγνύεις τα πάντα καί είσαι έμπειρος οδηγός, κυβερνήτις φέρεις ζωήν είσαι κόρη πού τρέφεις τα πάντα, αυτάρκεια. Δίκη είσαι η πειθώ των Χαρίτων με πολλά ονόματα αιθέρια (διάγεις εις τον αιθέρα), επίγειος αρχόντισσα καί θαλασσινή πικρή μεν για τους φαύλους, αλλά γλυκεία εις εκείνους που πείθονται εις σέ σοφή εις όλα, παρέχεις τα πάντα τρέφεις τα πάντα και τα αυξάνεις, λιπαρά (άφθονα), καί απελευθερώνεις, καταστρέφεις, εκείνα πού ωριμάζουν, που πεθαίνουν
συ είσαι πατέρας των πάντων καί επίσης μητέρα τροφός καί βυζάστρα βοηθάς εις την παραγωγήν των προϊόντων, μακαρία, έχεις πολλά σπέρματα (είσαι καρποφόρος), καί γίνεσαι στον καιρό πού πρέπει. Ορμή (δραστηριοποιείσαι).
καιρό πού πρέπει, ορμή (δραστηριοποιείσαι), δημιουργείς τα πάντα, είσαι πλάστρα, κτίζεις πολλά, σεβαστή θεά αιωνία, φέρεις την κίνησιν. έχεις πολλήν πείραν, είσαι συνετή· καί κινείσαι σαν γρήγορο ρεύμα με αδιάκοπον στροβιλισμόν διαρρέεις από παντού, κινείσαι κυκλικώς καί διαρκώς μεταβάλλεις μορφήν έχεις ώραίον θρόνον, τιμημένη, μόνον εσύ εκτελείς εκείνο πού απεφασίσθη, καί κρατείς το σκήπτρον (κυβερνάς) από επάνω, καί βροντάς δυνατά, συ ή ισχυρότατη· ατρόμητη, πού δαμάζεις τα πάντα, ή προωρισμένη μοίρα,πού αποπνέεις φωτιά αιωνία ζωή καί αθάνατη πρόνοια τα πάντα είσαι εσύ διότι μόνη σου εσύ κατασκευάζεις (δημιουργείς) όλα αυτά. Αλλά σε παρακαλώ, θεά μου, να μας φέρης μαζί με τις ευτυχισμένες ώρες (εποχές) ειρήνην, υγείαν καί αύξησιν (πολλαπλασιασμόν) τών πάντων.

Ὦ Φύσι, παμμήτειρα θεά, πολυμήχανε μῆτερ, οὐρανία, πρέσβειρα, πολύκτιτε δαῖμον, ἄνασσα, πανδαμάτωρ, ἀδάμαστε, κυβερνήτειρα, παναυγής, παντοκράτειρα, † τιτιμενέα πανυπέρτατε πᾶσιν ἄφθιτε, πρωτογένεια, παλαίφατε, κυδιάνειρα, ἐννυχία, πολύτειρε, σελασφόρε, δεινοκαθέκτι, ἄψοφον ἀστραγάλοισι ποδῶν ἴχνος εἱλίσσουσα, ἁγνή, κοσμήτειρα θεῶν ἀτελής τε τελευτή, κοινὴ μὲν πάντεσσιν, ἀκοινώνητε δὲ μούνη, αὐτοπάτωρ, ἀπάτωρ, ἐρατή, † πολύγηθε, μεγίστη, εὐάνθεια, πλοκή, φιλία, πολύμικτε, δαῆμον, ἡγεμόνη, κράντειρα, φερέσβιε, παντρόφε κούρη, αὐτάρκεια, δίκη, Χαρίτων πολυώνυμε πειθώ, αἰθερία, χθονία καὶ εἰναλία μεδέουσα,   πικρὰ μέν φαύλοισι, γλυκεῖα δὲ πειθομένοισι, πάνσοφε, πανδώτειρα, κομίστρια, παμβασίλεια, αὐξιτρόφος, πίειρα πεπαινομένων τε λύτειρα. πάντων μὲν σὺ πατήρ, μήτηρ, τροφὸς ἠδὲ τιθηνός, ὠκυλόχεια, μάκαιρα, πολύσπορος, ὡριὰς ὁρμή, παντοτεχνές, πλάστειρα, πολύκτιτε, † ποντία δαῖμον, ἀιδία, κινησιφόρε, πολύπειρε, περίφρων, ἀενάωι στροφάλιγγι θοὸν ῥύμα δινεύουσα, πάνρυτε, κυκλοτερής, ἀλλοτριομορφοδίαιτε, εὔθρονε, τιμήεσσα, μόνη τὸ κριθὲν τελέουσα, σκηπτούχων ἐφύπερθε βαρυβρεμέτειρα κρατίστη, ἄτρομε, πανδαμάτειρα, πεπρωμένη, αἶσα, πυρίπνους, ἀίδιος ζωὴ ἠδ᾽ ἀθανάτη τε πρόνοια· πάντα σύ ἐσσι, ἄνασσα· σὺ γὰρ μούνη τάδε τεύχεις.   ἀλλά, θεά, λίτομαί σε † σὺν εὐόλβοισιν † ἐν ὥραις εἰρήνην ὑγίειαν ἄγειν, αὔξησιν ἁπάντων.Nature-Goddess-l.jpg

Nature [Phusis], all parent, ancient, and divine, O Much-mechanic mother, art is thine;
Heav’nly, abundant, venerable queen, in ev’ry part of thy dominions seen.
Untam’d, all-taming, ever splendid light, all ruling, honor’d, and supremly bright.
Immortal, first-born [Protogeneia], ever still the same, nocturnal, starry, shining, glorious dame.
Thy feet’s still traces in a circling course, by thee are turn’d, with unremitting force.
Pure ornament of all the pow’rs divine, finite and infinite alike you shine;
To all things common and in all things known, yet incommunicable and alone.
Without a father of thy wond’rous frame, thyself the father whence thy essence came.
All-flourishing, connecting, mingling soul, leader and ruler of this mighty whole.
Life-bearer, all-sustaining, various nam’d, and for commanding grace and beauty fam’d.
Justice, supreme in might, whose general sway the waters of the restless deep obey.
Ætherial, earthly, for the pious glad, sweet to the good, but bitter to the bad.
All-wife, all bounteous, provident, divine, a rich increase of nutriment is thine;
Father of all, great nurse, and mother kind, abundant, blessed, all-spermatic mind:
Mature, impetuous, from whose fertile seeds and plastic hand, this changing scene proceeds.
All-parent pow’r, to mortal eyes unseen, eternal, moving, all-sagacious queen.
By thee the world, whose parts in rapid flow, like swift descending streams, no respite know,
On an eternal hinge, with steady course is whirl’d, with matchless, unremitting force.
Thron’d on a circling car, thy mighty hand holds and directs, the reins of wide command.
Various thy essence, honor’d, and the best, of judgement too, the general end and test.
Intrepid, fatal, all-subduing dame, life-everlasting, Parca, breathing flame.
Immortal, Providence, the world is thine, and thou art all things, architect divine.
O blessed Goddess, hear thy suppliant’s pray’r, and make my future life, thy constant care;
Give plenteous seasons, and sufficient wealth, and crown my days with lasting, peace and health.
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Ορφικός Ύμνος εις Εκάτην – Orphic Hymn to Hecate

Hecate.jpgΤην Εκάτήν εξυμνώ, πού την λατρεύουν στας οδούς και στας τριόδους, την επέραστη, την ουρανίαν και την επιγειον και την θαλασσινήν πού έχει κίτρινο πέπλο, αυτήν πού φροντίζει για τους νεκρούς καί πού είναι ενθουσιασμένη ανάμεσα στις ψυχές των νεκρών,
την Πέρσειαν, αυτήν πού αγαπά την ερημιά καί ευφραίνεται με τα ελάφια, την νυκτερινήν, την προστάτιν των σκύλων, την ακαταμάχητη βασίλισσα αυτήν πού θηρεύει ταύρους, την βασίλισσα πού έχει τα κλειδιά όλου του κόσμου, την οδηγόν, την νύμφην αυτήν πού ανατρέφει παιδιά καί πού περιφέρεται στα βουνά αυτήν την κόρην ας παρακαλέσωμε να παρευρεθή εις τάς ιεράς τελετάς με ευμενή πάντοτε διάθεσιν προς τον ηγέτην (τον επί κεφαλής) καί με χαρούμενη καρδιά.


Εἰνοδίαν Ἑκάτην κλήιζω, τριοδῖτιν, ἐραννήν, οὐρανίαν χθονίαν τε καὶ εἰναλίαν, κροκόπεπλον, τυμβιδίαν, ψυχαῖς νεκύων μέτα βακχεύουσαν, Περσείαν, φιλέρημον, ἀγαλλομένην ἐλάφοισι, νυκτερίαν, σκυλακῖτιν, ἀμαιμάκετον βασίλειαν, θηρόβρομον, ἄζωστον, ἀπρόσμαχον εἶδος ἔχουσαν, ταυροπόλον, παντὸς κόσμου κληιδοῦχον ἄνασσαν, ἡγεμόνην, νύμφην, κουροτρόφον, οὐρεσιφοῖτιν, λισσόμενος κούρην τελεταῖς ὁσίαισι παρεῖναι βουκόλωι εὐμενέουσαν ἀεὶ κεχαρηότι θυμῶι.


I call Einodian Hecate, lovely dame,
Of earthly, wat’ry, and celestial frame,
Sepulchral, in a saffron veil array’d,
Leas’d with dark ghosts that wander thro’ the shade;
Persian, unconquerable huntress hail!
The world’s key-bearer never doom’d to fail;
On the rough rock to wander thee delights,
Leader and nurse be present to our rites
Propitious grant our just desires success,
Accept our homage, and the incense bless.

Η Εκάτη είναι θεότητα της αρχαιοελληνικής θρησκείας και μυθολογίας, η οποία απεικονίζεται συνήθως να κρατά δύο πυρσούς ή κλειδί [1] και σε μεταγενέστερες περιόδους με τρία πρόσωπα. Συσχετιζόταν ποικιλοτρόπως με τα σταυροδρόμια, τις εισόδους, το φως, τη μαγεία, τη γνώση των φαρμακευτικών και δηλητηριωδών βοτάνων, τα φαντάσματα και τη νεκρομαντεία.[2][3] Εμφανίζεται στον Ομηρικό Ύμνο προς τη Δήμητρα και στη Θεογονία του Ησίοδου, όπου παρουσιάζεται ως μεγαλοπρεπής θεά. Η περιοχή καταγωγής της λατρείας της είναι άγνωστη, ωστόσο εικάζεται πως ήταν δημοφιλής στη Θράκη.[4] Αποτέλεσε μια από τις πολλές θεότητες που λατρεύονταν από τα αθηναϊκά σπιτικά ως προστάτιδα, η οποία εξασφάλιζε ευημερία και καθημερινές ευλογίες στην οικογένεια.[5] Στα μεταχριστιανικά κείμενα των Χαλδαϊκών Χρησμών (2ος – 3ος αιώνας μ.Χ.) εμφανίζεται να έχει (κάποια) εξουσία πάνω στη γη, τη θάλασσα και τον ουρανό, αλλά και οικουμενικότερο ρόλο ως Σωτείρα, Μητέρα των Αγγέλων και Κοσμική Παγκόσμια Ψυχή.[6][7] Σε ό,τι αφορά τη φύση της λατρείας της, παρατηρείται ότι «αισθάνεται μεγαλύτερη άνεση στις παρυφές παρά στο κέντρο του ελληνικού πολυθεϊσμού. Εγγενώς αμφίσημη και πολύμορφη, διαπερνά τα συμβατικά όρια και διαφεύγει τον ορισμό».
Hecate or Hekate (/ˈhɛkət/; Greek Ἑκάτη Hekátē) is a goddess in Ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding two torches or a key[1] and in later periods depicted in triple form. She was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery.[2][3] She appears in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and in Hesiod‘s Theogony, where she is promoted strongly as a great goddess. The place of origin of her following is uncertain, but it is thought that she had popular followings in Thrace.[4] She was one of the main deities worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family.[5] In the post-Christian writings of the Chaldean Oracles (2nd–3rd century CE) she was regarded with (some) rulership over earth, sea and sky, as well as a more universal role as Saviour (Soteira), Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul.[6][7] Regarding the nature of her cult, it has been remarked, “she is more at home on the fringes than in the center of Greek polytheism. Intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous, she straddles conventional boundaries and eludes definition.

#movingahead #motivationX

15492326_980914952013656_1690873464987294631_nJust hours before 2016 comes to an end. Eventually. As it was 2015. 2 years full of unbelievable stories and extreme transformation alike no other. Lessons that pushed us so far  but first they made sure that will drag us down to hell.

Well… what a journey that was… Not for the faint of heart for sure. At least from my part. I guess I am not you and you are not me but at the same time we are one and the same, strange huh? But I wouldn’t wish my life to anyone. At least the alchemical part of that process. soulmates-twinflamesThe part where chaos and horror is needed for the ultimate change. The part where the Universe just unleashes all of its tools to destroy any remnants of your old self. With accidents, financial chaos, karmic relationships, a twin flame that appeared out of nowhere, circles of unwanted situations that seem to never end, problems that lack of solution.

The Universe screams “surrender” but you are only staring everything you loved someone_starts_to_fade_away_by_lostoneself-d31bw3pthe most vanishing before your eyes. Each dream you had, the most beautiful that turns into a living nightmare and you are called to pass the dark night of the soul too, as all these years of abuse and mistreat wasn’t enough. And its not just “a night..”. And its not just depression. Its a mechanism that leads to psychosis and even suicide. Its created to destroy Ego and ignite Zodiac Reprogramming. NOT for anyone. You don’t even wish this to your worst enemy.

A process designed to boost a change in the DNA infrastructure and bring overall change each cell’s frequency.

self-hugA whole of mambo jumbo when you literally feel dead while you try to feel something by hugging yourself in the corner of your room screaming and begging for this to stop. Fancy for this Universe tricks hey?  You think rainbows come after rain? No. They come ONLY after hurricanes and thunderstorms my beloved one. They come only after you dropped your last drop of blood on the ground, they come to showoff your efforts and consistency after you surrender your whole being back to the hands of the Creators.

So I made a choice this time. To recognize who I truly am and value the efforts I’ve put so far to keep my dignity and move on along this Path, not alone but with all the other Warriors who shed blood in the name of this Holy change we look after. I made the choice to recognize and value the sacrifices I did and claim the reality I deserve.

A reality without self victimization, a reality that does not manifest neediness, a world without excuses and delays, a reality full of health, beautiful-life-4wealth, full of amazing relationships made out  of mutual understanding and respect, a world where love and excitement thrives, a world made out of high achievers and dreamers with Higher visions.

And for that I would like to thank you Universe. I would love to thank all of the people who agreed to fu*k up my Ego with their’s, all these beautiful teachers with their imperfections pushed me to seek after completion and perfection and to recognize my faults and mistakes and change myself.

But thanks too I won’t have anymore of this.

That was a lesson and that lesson goes to the Light along with every element. We attracted enough of this BS all of our lives.

Its time to learn the lesson and try to  focus and keep our focus only on how grateful we are for everything we already have and for the blessings that are already on their way!  Learn how to keep our frequencies and vibrations high by living each moment fully, by living consciously and in harmony with all the beings around us, by treating our selves with love and kindness, by believing in the most awesome and that we DESERVE ALL that is good and beautiful!beautiful-beauty-life-photo-favim-com-628956 So lets go of everything that belong to the old self and lets embrace the new Self with the new life and the new choices. After all did you do what you had to do? If yes then believe in the power of your efforts and the righteousness of the Law. Nothing goes waste. Never. Have a prosperous 2017 full of amazing and unforgettable moments!

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My life. My 33

1818192-bigthumbnail.jpgWe’ve been here talking about twin flames, soulmates, lost forgotten love stories, lessons we learned, things we’ve been through. Some of these stories magical. Magic that comes with a cost. A cost that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A beautiful haunting though. A mesmerizing sadness, a longing and a fear rooted back there behind these walls. Huh, remember these walls? Yep. Stronger and taller than ever! An upgrade I ‘ll guess, right? Hmm… It’s ok. After all my 33 and your 22 33.jpgdidn’t fit in this world. This beautiful, wondrous world. This creation of ours. Our minds collided, our hearts burst into supernova, to leave us wonder what happened after all.

All that power, all that love, all that excitement, all this magic, lost, gone forever, just like that.

This world of jealousy and reason couldn’t handle our potential. Our own little scared inner children hide away for one more time, away from the potentiality of love. Nothing as such can exist in our earthly versions of reality.

And here you are, a master teacher, a genuine 33, not able to comprehend the process of “development” that comes through the destruction of every beautiful element, of every beautiful emotion. You found her, after all these reincarnations, you remember her. You remember yourself. Just to forget YOU again. moving-on-quote-birds-300x286So you can build yourself up again.
This time with no self-victimization.
This time with no expectations from anyone. This time with open heart and no fear of getting hurt.
As there is not such a possibility anymore.
There is nothing left to loose.
Cause you already lost everything.
In this process of development.
In the path of 33.
You lost everything just to learn how to find happiness with nothing but your self.

Within you my twins, resides the key to a happier and balanced life. This is your life. This is your happiness. Your own 33. My 33.

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The King’s eyes still look for her

“I don’t mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved…”

The words from a song that resonate with the way a Warrior loves, a wounded healer (C.Jung) a man with a body full of wounds due to the fights he gave, a broken bleeding King, a persona that rose through a forgotten fairy-tale, known only to few.

tumblr_mcu2nwM9Bf1rifdi9o1_500A man with a half hidden smile on his face, a man with so much to tell but having noone to believe in his stories, a man with a real broken heart that shares with everyone.

But he kept only one small space intact, a small place that he kept clean and protected with so much care all of those years, for one special person. For his Queen. For those eyes… Those 2 beautiful broken eyes, he gave a vow upon to protect with so much vigor and royalty. In her eyes is his world. Is his, a family that is not of this world. She recognized him immediately even if she is confused so much, as the familiarity and the energies are beyond of this world, unbearable as they are so magical to handle or believe too.

And she is scared. Scared if that is real. All that love, all that magic, all that care and beauty doesn’t seem real. 41fdf1a9b91e04460cd8293bf5801d6fBut she forgot. She forgot that reality is not our thing. Is something we have to deal since our birth. Is something that confused the King for so many years. Is the reason that her King is wounded and bleeding. That human reality…

She also forgot that fear is illusionary too. She forgot that we were always fighting in the name of Love. Where we come from there is not such a thing as fear or ego. And she run away… She run so fast, she closed her eyes, her ears and her heart and she kept running away. But she forgot one more thing… The Kings heart. That strong yet broken full of wounds golden heart is on her hands. That heart sad tumblr wallpapers (3)gave the final fight for her, gave the last of its magnificent essence and beauty to her, his princess, his Queen. She found him broken and she did her best to heal him, just to go away at the end. But that was part of the plan too. Cause Kings are forged by steel and fire. They are not getting better with hugs and kisses only, that’s the irony.

In fire we are born, in hell we rose and in the name of the cruelest Universal alchemical processes we are getting healed. We aint the ordinary. We are rare, like the rarest diamonds and we deserve the title, we deserve the vigor and the royalty and the ultimate respect as there is blood all over the place, a blood shed by the innocents of this world, the blood of the pioneers, the prophets, the leaders of this Earth. tumblr_o0ya6kkQzD1txpaqfo1_500.jpgAnd this blood is shed for the sake of humans, for the sake of their development and progress. For the sake of old forgotten magic that holds the substratum of the Universe, magic known only to few.

A bunch of us are different. Cause some of us we still carry a code lost long ago. Cause some of us have nothing to do with this world.  We came here to bring the old lost moral and ethical structure back and we are going to do it with every way possible. All that blood, all those millennia, speaks and claims. It claims the efforts and the sacrifices of all those lightworkers and prophets that gave their lives in the name of the human evolution.

822b0a83069b3f74f38a2847c189014dAnd all those stories that accompany a King have their own vibe. Cause as I stand on the edge of the pier every-night and I stare at the ocean, my eyes have so much to tell and only few can listen for real. As I stand here, the whole world lingers under my feet, the unseen dances around with all of its magic, but unfortunately the human eyes don’t see. But those King eyes see… And they are waiting, waiting for his Queen. Waiting for the one that never returns… The one that got away. Because of the human imposed fears. I know its not your fault my Love. I see you. With those eyes. Those eyes that have so much to tell…

Hold on darl, nothing is finished yet. This is our war now. And we are now claiming our power back, this is our time to rule. One Love to rule them All.

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Twin Flames: The end of romance

maxresdefaultAfter a lot of researching and endless analyzing I thought I must write one more post. Again. About the exhausting never ending chapter of twin flames or twin souls you name it. I was thinking, ok, all that development is nice and such but as a Twin Flame myself I am struggling to find within me the beauty of falling in love. Yes I fell in love with her, in 076eb5fb8fddca42ae0e77cc81bee0dban intense and no logical way, in a magical experience everyone could be jealous off even if it wasnt all honey and fun. Yes, I can recognize all the lessons and the need to go off some egotistical patterns in order to become a better person and love in a more balanced and harmonious way. Being no depended/attached in egoic manner, giving the other space and time and more understanding, seeing behind the issues and the fears, loving unconditionally, being there while the other is absent with no reasons and trying to excuse everything. But at the end of the day, this is a war. A war against love. A war against true genuine love that comes with compromises, faults and immaturity and yes, a ton of insecurities. Isn’t it 52b5e7117680cbd7faaa5d46510918a4then that your babygirl will put her head on your chest and you will comfort her telling her how much you love her? Isn’t it beautiful to hug her for hours, literally (real TF know what I say) and stare at those magical eyes with no words and no need for anything else? Isn’t it awesome to have that wonderful being holding your hand while you walk the path of life and to feel that connection without the so called “lessons”? And what the hell is wrong with the God/Universe that once you have that relationship, even if they go away, you are not able to love anyone again or being able to have something that amazing with anyone else? (or at least this is what they keep repeating on the forums) “Once you meet your TF nothing will match that love ever again, you will never be able to love in such intensity etc etc”. Well…. F*CK. Imagine the rest of your life for whatever reason not being able to love or be loved in that intensity again… And to sit there waiting for someone so confusing yet so magical to come back eminem-middle-finger-hd-1920x1080even though everything says that this is gone for ever. And all of the Twin Flame pages are repeating the same thing. “We are through this because we need to let go of the old “love relationship” scheme and advance into the new paradigm”. *Insert endless ironic silence here* Where the hell can you find the awesome vibrations of falling in love with someone, holding their hand, and laughing and running with her, fighting, making love, kissing slowly, aggressively and passionately like nothing else matters? The excitement to listen to her voice, opening the door and watching at her smile, traveling with her all over the world, having her resting on you while you are on the bus, eating together and teasing each other every f*cking moment, are you kidding me or what? These Twin Flame pages need to shut down immediately as the only thing they do is to remove the hope from all of us. There is no hope when there is no love on our vision or the belief that we don’t deserve romantic and magical love. There is no ability to dream when love is absent. There is no desire left when love is gone. tumblr_ntgfj06BYR1usr3cho1_500And this 5D culture of insanity needs to come to an end. If you want to experience a 5D world go and die. Yes. Go and f*cking die. This is a 3D world full of awesomeness, amazing nature and people and YES we all have the capability to become better IF we really want to and get our egos to develop, without having to struggle in depression for the rest of our lives waiting for people to come back cause we believe in a Re-Union of some kind cause we read it on the internet. Even that is a mambo jumbo theory as noone ever experienced a complete and balanced TF relationship, everyone is on the run because of their stupid insecurities or because they are indeed manipulative and dark people that happened to pass through our lives. So many people are left in the dark fighting and waiting for someone to make them happy and complete again while they lost the hope that they will be ever capable to experience such a beautiful connection again. YES you will experience something even better, the Universe gets you through such relationships so you will become more capable of enjoying parisian-love-2and cherishing the most beautiful that is coming without your insecurities and fears and your attachments. You are becoming more whole and complete in order to experience beautiful romantic AND unconditional love. Even if you don’t at least you are becoming more powerful and the possibility for a new person is there ALWAYS. Because you frikking deserve this! YES YOU! Take the lesson your TF or whatever that was gave you, become less attached and more depended in your own ability to be happy and make other people happy too, let go of old issues and traumas, become aware of your awesomeness and get ready for more new thrilling and magical experiences. Cause you are a worthy being of the Universe, a warrior who came to serve a great purpose, not a victim that came down here to be abused by pathetic insecure weaklings. You belong to the rarest. And dont worry. You can enjoy all the kinds of love that exist. Dont listen to the shadows that deliberately want to remove tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3ihrc3e6y58gkwwo0o0kswggw_640the most powerful force that exist. Nothing can replace love with anything else. Don’t let them take this right from us. Stand up and fight! Let our voices claim this right we all have in this plane of existence. Love your TF, love everyone. But don’t let anyone take the possibility of MORE romantic love, the possibility of MORE awesome moments. If that person you are calling TF was meant to be there it would. Stop excusing people with insecurities. Love knows no boundaries. Love has the power to change everything. They are trying to subconsciously plant the info that love is weak for spiritual reasons. Wake up and FIGHT. We are Legion. We are the Warriors, the Light bringers, the pioneers of the new World. Nothing will stop us. Love is our Power. We fight on that, we dont abandon, we dont betray. We endure, we persist, we win. Always. Namaste. Greetings to the Star Tribes. FIGHT!

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