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Back in your walls twin…

636012205633289293-2063692902_tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.pngYou felt for a second.
You felt alive, you felt happy, complete, peaceful, in love…
You felt the magic, the magic that few are destined to feel.
Few cursed ones or should I say blessed ones?
I wondered a lot in my mind trying to excuse that by focusing on the blessings.
But then one day I tried to attempt to see again. To see within. To go there and try to feel. No matter how “spiritual” you wanna be and no matter how positive you might try to be, it will not work. Not when the walls that your twin broke are higher than ever. Not when behind these walls, hidden in the darkest corner, is you, frightened like never before, broken in ways that even the strongest find impossible to put together. you are here, smiling,laughing, motivating everyone. In their eyes you are Mr.Unbreakable.
But little they know.
That behind these walls is a scared kid that was rejected by love so many times for no reason.

“You cant battle with these demons honey. You are just learning how to live with them.”

You cant go there with “healing the inner child techniques” to save yourself.
You cant heal this part when there is noone there to heal. Its not fun to label spiritual or constructive any relationships that cared that much to leave you there wondering why. tumblr_mlai520XBJ1qklv1so1_500Why again.
Trust is something fragile.
Emotions are too.
Beauty also.

And when the beauty dies within so many times you are just roaming around in life trying always to avoid feelings and true deep interactions. Why? Because you kept your world save and they just raped it with no remorse.

You will be better they said.
You will be wiser they said.
You will be this and that. No. It never worked. It never did.
You only build up walls and find new ways to keep everyone away. yes, suddenly everyone becomes an enemy. Never felt so difficult to hug or touch anyone, even your loved ones. You became more powerful just to hold your pieces together, just to be able to fight with more fuck*d up memories and emotions, just to be able to fool yourself more and be contented with less and less and less and eventually give up on your dreams and hopes.

But you know what actually causes all of that from the first place?

A wounded person will actually manifest or be attracted by someone who also needs healing in any way, cause subconsciously they feel connected with those who share the same experiences and they feel the urge to help them cause they want to help and heal themselves. Its US that we allowed this to manifest and its in our hands to say no.
Say no to abusive relationships.
Say no to those who refuse to say sorry, change and evolve.
Say no to those who doesn’t appreciate your presence and they take you for granted.
Say no to those who use you by any way. Forgive them. Let them go.

It will not help you evolve! Its there to show to you how you DON’T love yourself and what you keep allowing to exist in your life and for whatever reasons. Its there just to deliver a message and go away! Not to follow-your-dreams.jpgstay or play any role in our personal lives. We honor the person or the situation and we make a choice of what we truly want instead.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what truly makes you happy. But off course first of all learn to be happy and content by yourself no matter what.

Claim your dreams by insisting. You deserve hugs, love, phonecalls, messages, flirt, appreciation, amazing moments, empowerment, support, communication, sincerity. Go out there and get that. Do your self a favor and allow only what is nurturing and beautiful to you to be in your life.

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#movingahead #motivationX

15492326_980914952013656_1690873464987294631_nJust hours before 2016 comes to an end. Eventually. As it was 2015. 2 years full of unbelievable stories and extreme transformation alike no other. Lessons that pushed us so far  but first they made sure that will drag us down to hell.

Well… what a journey that was… Not for the faint of heart for sure. At least from my part. I guess I am not you and you are not me but at the same time we are one and the same, strange huh? But I wouldn’t wish my life to anyone. At least the alchemical part of that process. soulmates-twinflamesThe part where chaos and horror is needed for the ultimate change. The part where the Universe just unleashes all of its tools to destroy any remnants of your old self. With accidents, financial chaos, karmic relationships, a twin flame that appeared out of nowhere, circles of unwanted situations that seem to never end, problems that lack of solution.

The Universe screams “surrender” but you are only staring everything you loved someone_starts_to_fade_away_by_lostoneself-d31bw3pthe most vanishing before your eyes. Each dream you had, the most beautiful that turns into a living nightmare and you are called to pass the dark night of the soul too, as all these years of abuse and mistreat wasn’t enough. And its not just “a night..”. And its not just depression. Its a mechanism that leads to psychosis and even suicide. Its created to destroy Ego and ignite Zodiac Reprogramming. NOT for anyone. You don’t even wish this to your worst enemy.

A process designed to boost a change in the DNA infrastructure and bring overall change each cell’s frequency.

self-hugA whole of mambo jumbo when you literally feel dead while you try to feel something by hugging yourself in the corner of your room screaming and begging for this to stop. Fancy for this Universe tricks hey?  You think rainbows come after rain? No. They come ONLY after hurricanes and thunderstorms my beloved one. They come only after you dropped your last drop of blood on the ground, they come to showoff your efforts and consistency after you surrender your whole being back to the hands of the Creators.

So I made a choice this time. To recognize who I truly am and value the efforts I’ve put so far to keep my dignity and move on along this Path, not alone but with all the other Warriors who shed blood in the name of this Holy change we look after. I made the choice to recognize and value the sacrifices I did and claim the reality I deserve.

A reality without self victimization, a reality that does not manifest neediness, a world without excuses and delays, a reality full of health, beautiful-life-4wealth, full of amazing relationships made out  of mutual understanding and respect, a world where love and excitement thrives, a world made out of high achievers and dreamers with Higher visions.

And for that I would like to thank you Universe. I would love to thank all of the people who agreed to fu*k up my Ego with their’s, all these beautiful teachers with their imperfections pushed me to seek after completion and perfection and to recognize my faults and mistakes and change myself.

But thanks too I won’t have anymore of this.

That was a lesson and that lesson goes to the Light along with every element. We attracted enough of this BS all of our lives.

Its time to learn the lesson and try to  focus and keep our focus only on how grateful we are for everything we already have and for the blessings that are already on their way!  Learn how to keep our frequencies and vibrations high by living each moment fully, by living consciously and in harmony with all the beings around us, by treating our selves with love and kindness, by believing in the most awesome and that we DESERVE ALL that is good and beautiful!beautiful-beauty-life-photo-favim-com-628956 So lets go of everything that belong to the old self and lets embrace the new Self with the new life and the new choices. After all did you do what you had to do? If yes then believe in the power of your efforts and the righteousness of the Law. Nothing goes waste. Never. Have a prosperous 2017 full of amazing and unforgettable moments!

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My life. My 33

1818192-bigthumbnail.jpgWe’ve been here talking about twin flames, soulmates, lost forgotten love stories, lessons we learned, things we’ve been through. Some of these stories magical. Magic that comes with a cost. A cost that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A beautiful haunting though. A mesmerizing sadness, a longing and a fear rooted back there behind these walls. Huh, remember these walls? Yep. Stronger and taller than ever! An upgrade I ‘ll guess, right? Hmm… It’s ok. After all my 33 and your 22 33.jpgdidn’t fit in this world. This beautiful, wondrous world. This creation of ours. Our minds collided, our hearts burst into supernova, to leave us wonder what happened after all.

All that power, all that love, all that excitement, all this magic, lost, gone forever, just like that.

This world of jealousy and reason couldn’t handle our potential. Our own little scared inner children hide away for one more time, away from the potentiality of love. Nothing as such can exist in our earthly versions of reality.

And here you are, a master teacher, a genuine 33, not able to comprehend the process of “development” that comes through the destruction of every beautiful element, of every beautiful emotion. You found her, after all these reincarnations, you remember her. You remember yourself. Just to forget YOU again. moving-on-quote-birds-300x286So you can build yourself up again.
This time with no self-victimization.
This time with no expectations from anyone. This time with open heart and no fear of getting hurt.
As there is not such a possibility anymore.
There is nothing left to loose.
Cause you already lost everything.
In this process of development.
In the path of 33.
You lost everything just to learn how to find happiness with nothing but your self.

Within you my twins, resides the key to a happier and balanced life. This is your life. This is your happiness. Your own 33. My 33.

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The King’s eyes still look for her

“I don’t mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved…”

The words from a song that resonate with the way a Warrior loves, a wounded healer (C.Jung) a man with a body full of wounds due to the fights he gave, a broken bleeding King, a persona that rose through a forgotten fairy-tale, known only to few.

tumblr_mcu2nwM9Bf1rifdi9o1_500A man with a half hidden smile on his face, a man with so much to tell but having noone to believe in his stories, a man with a real broken heart that shares with everyone.

But he kept only one small space intact, a small place that he kept clean and protected with so much care all of those years, for one special person. For his Queen. For those eyes… Those 2 beautiful broken eyes, he gave a vow upon to protect with so much vigor and royalty. In her eyes is his world. Is his, a family that is not of this world. She recognized him immediately even if she is confused so much, as the familiarity and the energies are beyond of this world, unbearable as they are so magical to handle or believe too.

And she is scared. Scared if that is real. All that love, all that magic, all that care and beauty doesn’t seem real. 41fdf1a9b91e04460cd8293bf5801d6fBut she forgot. She forgot that reality is not our thing. Is something we have to deal since our birth. Is something that confused the King for so many years. Is the reason that her King is wounded and bleeding. That human reality…

She also forgot that fear is illusionary too. She forgot that we were always fighting in the name of Love. Where we come from there is not such a thing as fear or ego. And she run away… She run so fast, she closed her eyes, her ears and her heart and she kept running away. But she forgot one more thing… The Kings heart. That strong yet broken full of wounds golden heart is on her hands. That heart sad tumblr wallpapers (3)gave the final fight for her, gave the last of its magnificent essence and beauty to her, his princess, his Queen. She found him broken and she did her best to heal him, just to go away at the end. But that was part of the plan too. Cause Kings are forged by steel and fire. They are not getting better with hugs and kisses only, that’s the irony.

In fire we are born, in hell we rose and in the name of the cruelest Universal alchemical processes we are getting healed. We aint the ordinary. We are rare, like the rarest diamonds and we deserve the title, we deserve the vigor and the royalty and the ultimate respect as there is blood all over the place, a blood shed by the innocents of this world, the blood of the pioneers, the prophets, the leaders of this Earth. tumblr_o0ya6kkQzD1txpaqfo1_500.jpgAnd this blood is shed for the sake of humans, for the sake of their development and progress. For the sake of old forgotten magic that holds the substratum of the Universe, magic known only to few.

A bunch of us are different. Cause some of us we still carry a code lost long ago. Cause some of us have nothing to do with this world.  We came here to bring the old lost moral and ethical structure back and we are going to do it with every way possible. All that blood, all those millennia, speaks and claims. It claims the efforts and the sacrifices of all those lightworkers and prophets that gave their lives in the name of the human evolution.

822b0a83069b3f74f38a2847c189014dAnd all those stories that accompany a King have their own vibe. Cause as I stand on the edge of the pier every-night and I stare at the ocean, my eyes have so much to tell and only few can listen for real. As I stand here, the whole world lingers under my feet, the unseen dances around with all of its magic, but unfortunately the human eyes don’t see. But those King eyes see… And they are waiting, waiting for his Queen. Waiting for the one that never returns… The one that got away. Because of the human imposed fears. I know its not your fault my Love. I see you. With those eyes. Those eyes that have so much to tell…

Hold on darl, nothing is finished yet. This is our war now. And we are now claiming our power back, this is our time to rule. One Love to rule them All.

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Twin Flames: The end of romance

maxresdefaultAfter a lot of researching and endless analyzing I thought I must write one more post. Again. About the exhausting never ending chapter of twin flames or twin souls you name it. I was thinking, ok, all that development is nice and such but as a Twin Flame myself I am struggling to find within me the beauty of falling in love. Yes I fell in love with her, in 076eb5fb8fddca42ae0e77cc81bee0dban intense and no logical way, in a magical experience everyone could be jealous off even if it wasnt all honey and fun. Yes, I can recognize all the lessons and the need to go off some egotistical patterns in order to become a better person and love in a more balanced and harmonious way. Being no depended/attached in egoic manner, giving the other space and time and more understanding, seeing behind the issues and the fears, loving unconditionally, being there while the other is absent with no reasons and trying to excuse everything. But at the end of the day, this is a war. A war against love. A war against true genuine love that comes with compromises, faults and immaturity and yes, a ton of insecurities. Isn’t it 52b5e7117680cbd7faaa5d46510918a4then that your babygirl will put her head on your chest and you will comfort her telling her how much you love her? Isn’t it beautiful to hug her for hours, literally (real TF know what I say) and stare at those magical eyes with no words and no need for anything else? Isn’t it awesome to have that wonderful being holding your hand while you walk the path of life and to feel that connection without the so called “lessons”? And what the hell is wrong with the God/Universe that once you have that relationship, even if they go away, you are not able to love anyone again or being able to have something that amazing with anyone else? (or at least this is what they keep repeating on the forums) “Once you meet your TF nothing will match that love ever again, you will never be able to love in such intensity etc etc”. Well…. F*CK. Imagine the rest of your life for whatever reason not being able to love or be loved in that intensity again… And to sit there waiting for someone so confusing yet so magical to come back eminem-middle-finger-hd-1920x1080even though everything says that this is gone for ever. And all of the Twin Flame pages are repeating the same thing. “We are through this because we need to let go of the old “love relationship” scheme and advance into the new paradigm”. *Insert endless ironic silence here* Where the hell can you find the awesome vibrations of falling in love with someone, holding their hand, and laughing and running with her, fighting, making love, kissing slowly, aggressively and passionately like nothing else matters? The excitement to listen to her voice, opening the door and watching at her smile, traveling with her all over the world, having her resting on you while you are on the bus, eating together and teasing each other every f*cking moment, are you kidding me or what? These Twin Flame pages need to shut down immediately as the only thing they do is to remove the hope from all of us. There is no hope when there is no love on our vision or the belief that we don’t deserve romantic and magical love. There is no ability to dream when love is absent. There is no desire left when love is gone. tumblr_ntgfj06BYR1usr3cho1_500And this 5D culture of insanity needs to come to an end. If you want to experience a 5D world go and die. Yes. Go and f*cking die. This is a 3D world full of awesomeness, amazing nature and people and YES we all have the capability to become better IF we really want to and get our egos to develop, without having to struggle in depression for the rest of our lives waiting for people to come back cause we believe in a Re-Union of some kind cause we read it on the internet. Even that is a mambo jumbo theory as noone ever experienced a complete and balanced TF relationship, everyone is on the run because of their stupid insecurities or because they are indeed manipulative and dark people that happened to pass through our lives. So many people are left in the dark fighting and waiting for someone to make them happy and complete again while they lost the hope that they will be ever capable to experience such a beautiful connection again. YES you will experience something even better, the Universe gets you through such relationships so you will become more capable of enjoying parisian-love-2and cherishing the most beautiful that is coming without your insecurities and fears and your attachments. You are becoming more whole and complete in order to experience beautiful romantic AND unconditional love. Even if you don’t at least you are becoming more powerful and the possibility for a new person is there ALWAYS. Because you frikking deserve this! YES YOU! Take the lesson your TF or whatever that was gave you, become less attached and more depended in your own ability to be happy and make other people happy too, let go of old issues and traumas, become aware of your awesomeness and get ready for more new thrilling and magical experiences. Cause you are a worthy being of the Universe, a warrior who came to serve a great purpose, not a victim that came down here to be abused by pathetic insecure weaklings. You belong to the rarest. And dont worry. You can enjoy all the kinds of love that exist. Dont listen to the shadows that deliberately want to remove tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3ihrc3e6y58gkwwo0o0kswggw_640the most powerful force that exist. Nothing can replace love with anything else. Don’t let them take this right from us. Stand up and fight! Let our voices claim this right we all have in this plane of existence. Love your TF, love everyone. But don’t let anyone take the possibility of MORE romantic love, the possibility of MORE awesome moments. If that person you are calling TF was meant to be there it would. Stop excusing people with insecurities. Love knows no boundaries. Love has the power to change everything. They are trying to subconsciously plant the info that love is weak for spiritual reasons. Wake up and FIGHT. We are Legion. We are the Warriors, the Light bringers, the pioneers of the new World. Nothing will stop us. Love is our Power. We fight on that, we dont abandon, we dont betray. We endure, we persist, we win. Always. Namaste. Greetings to the Star Tribes. FIGHT!

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Twin Flames – The aftermath

8d1fba8263adfab47fa09380a14b24eeAnd here you are. After all these up and downs, the falling in love, the falling in the Hell of the dark night of the Soul, the most intense depression you ever had, all of those questions that baffle your mind and soul and here you are, the runner left away and you are not seeking for them anymore. At least not with that intensity as before. But are you not seeking for them or the previous love block walls just reemerged through the psyche taller and stronger? There is a strange peace within but also the absence of desire to love again makes you wonder. There is a general “I now love unconditionally” but if you search deeper, is the aftermath of all those motherf***ing blows, all those notions of betrayal and abandonment that happened once more in your life and especially from someone who presented themselves to you like your other half. Its just you with your head between your feet, humbled and destroyed like never before. And you read all those articles to soothe your pain or find an explanation to their inexcusable attitude that is worst than anything else you ever met before, you excuse all of it on a spiritual process that will somehow take you higher. You are locked like never c670df079158700f5a2173399719a644before and love cant flow again and is even worse now. Money stopped flowing you have no desire to experience romantic beautiful love and even its thought causes disgust to you. ANY difficult situation has the tendency to help us look within, not just TF dynamics. The difference is that when you experience such a relationship the damage has no holy or divine purpose. Unconditional love is nice and all of that, but the magic resides in our ability to experience duality in this reality with all of its essence and significance and troubles but also remain tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640there and find solutions and move together. There is nothing holy or divine by running away or by living in fear or by betraying your loved one acting like an a**hole with no reason at all. There is nothing holy when you are seeking for a sign of emotion within you and there is nothing to be found, there is nothing divine when you are left drained and abandoned and you are seeking for the power to dream again and manifest wealth and support again in your life but you cant cause you are more than dead. And all of those people who still remain in these relationships waiting for a change or a miracle are just wasting their lives focusing on a nightmarish and foolish relationship that leads absolutely nowhere but to more self-disrespect, to more unworthiness and self pity and victimization. Yes it might have an effect on your spiritual journey but so does a death of a close friend or relative. Anything shocking can cause a change in ones psyche, but its not a joke to remain in situations that promote disrespect, lack of loyalty and royalty and 9ec6ee187f38d693e337845e775a952aimmorality. Most of the people in TF forums and pages are having hidden affairs with people that are married with children and they excuse it on the TF theory. This is some major BS and is completely unethical and has nothing to do with the spiritual journey. If you have been in a real TF relationship you will know that once the runner keeps running, the lesson has already given and you need to let go and move on in your life and try to claim back at least your sanity and your ability to love and be loved again. I know that it will take some time as the test left you almost dead but hey, next time dont open your heart to the degree of vulnerability. You are precious and you deserve love, awesome moments and people to be by your side, not some coward downloadmothe****ers that run away cause they can’t handle love. We are warriors, we are meant to fight and win but we also deserve respect, loyalty, royalty and all the emotions that promote happiness, romance, excitement, joy and also anything that will help us keep on vibrating higher and higher. Don’t fool yourselves with the scheme of the “martyr” that is meant to lead the change in this world. And if your ego is undeveloped take the chance and introspect and do what it takes without the need of any external process.  Believe me. You will die at the end of the journey. You dont need to keep punishing your self in the sake of any spiritual path. Go meditate. Chill. Help some people. Then fall in love. Again and again and again.

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Thanks for the butterflies.

butterfliesYes my… TF, thank you.

Thanks for all the lies as I learned to be True to my Self.

Thanks for all the broken promises as I learned to be loyal to me.

Thanks for running away from me as you made me return back to me.

Thanks for the abandonment as I now I am by my side, needing no one.

Thanks for stealing my joy and laughter as I now enjoy the company of my Shadow, as I now made peace with my own demons. tumblr_static_3cqjnaitb3eokgss8o80sgk40_640_v2.png

As I now sit silently in my Hell gazing the humans passing by, totally empty yet fulfilled as my blood became sacrifice for the sake of some higher purpose.

Thanks for showing me how fear can push away all love and beauty.
Thanks for helping me realize how small and pitiful humans can be with their fake smiles and broken promises, thanks for reminding me that I am not one of them.wishingfor-happiness

It might sound selfish and egoistic but we are the ones holding our hearts in our hands wondering why and why over and over again. It is us who look to find a sign of emotion, a sign of happiness, all these blows upon our souls left us here dead, pretending spiritual development and enlightenment but who we kid at the end.

Try to remember the immersive energy of 2 beautiful creatures being in Love, dancing together with no worries, full of ecstasy and grace, feeling only love. ONLY LOVE. Smiling, laughing, teasing each other, travelling together, enjoying moment after moment with such wondrous and magical sense. Remember that beauty that intensity of pure Love, the Love of the Starseeds, the few, the chosen ones. The Rarity of that, the preciousness of that.
No, I will not thank you for the betrayal. No.
We don’t do that darl. Not us.
We don’t kill each other with our fears and assumptions. Not us.tumblr_m9ciqyot4U1rxpk7fo1_500
Remember? We stared in each others eyes to only see the Universes dancing within us.
We hugged each other and the energy that creates Worlds flew through us.
We killed the magic only few people are destined to feel. How stupid can we be?
How little can we be to run away from the immensity of such love.
We have to deal with that, don’t you think? We have to finally accept that love like this hides magic and magic hides tremendous intensity and yes we are made for this.

I am a King and my place is in Love, not in fear, not in abandoning others, not in running away destroying others with no remorse with no morality, no that’s not me. I never was and I will never be. In the name of Love I will keep giving battles as the warrior I am.

And by the name of Love be the Queen you are. Claim your Self.

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Still away…

tumblr_nwiadblt2v1uuv1iuo1_500.jpgOk. Here we are again. Its been months and still the same. An indescribable love with a horrible ending, a meaningless separation. A silence that kills you slowly while you think you are becoming stronger. The one that loved you so much, the one that promised so much magic to your dream left you with no reason. The one you shared the most magical moments of your life, the one you gave your whole being chooses to stay away, chooses fear and hate instead of love, instead of overcoming the self imposed limitations, these old decayed beliefs, these stupid assumptions that destroy the immersive power of the Twin Flame relationship. And it makes you wonder? Is this Divine at the end? Or a heartless cruel nonsensical process of the Universe that is supposed to bring us back to our purpose?6192d23a842c02786f4d5809c046382f

Ok you did it! I am back now. Back in my purpose. Offering my love to the world from the wounds that are bleeding endlessly after years and years of immersive pain and endless processes only few can handle. A dead man smiling and giving love and meaning while there is no meaning left in his own life. No emotions, no dreams left, no hope just tumblr_n1kubwDzzm1sayib8o1_500numbness. And all the hopeful words you were repeating to your self at the end of the day just echoing in your mind with no sense as you are starring at the unknown with those empty eyes, those eyes that used to tell you so much. Yes you. You who left with my heart in your hands, you who I trusted so much. You left and took my smile, my laughter and YES I am a human too and YES I feel emotions or at least I could. YES I love your hug, YES I love running with you and acting stupid, YES I am a human and YES I deserve love. Love in all of its forms, romantic, unconditional, exciting, thrilling, yes I deserve so many beautiful moments!

tumblr_nrfrjjG5dB1qarmcro1_1280Enough with these kind of relationships that are hiding behind issues, fears and anything else other that. Yes they might have a spiritual basis as they help us see some things but at the end of the day LOVE is freaking awesome, needs a lot of ego removal and compromises but it can be there, it can be alive, it can hold your hand, its magical.

If you cant handle magic just make your self your favor and remove your presence from the lives of the ones that have the courage to change themselves and pursuit the magic of love and let them dream and manifest the TRUE love they deserve. If you are afraid of love, if you are afraid of the one that brought the Light in your life then you have to start wondering whats truly wrong and start redirecting the egoic fear induced thoughts to a harmonious soul loving pattern and conquer this game. Don’t hurt your precious TF with your assumptions and fears! Give Love, Be Love, Be God.

Hold on my dear ones. Don’t allow any fear and any process to take your dreams away. You deserve so much more and YES you can have it all. Go claim your ability to dream to believe to hope and start manifesting the life you always wanted to experience. A life full of hugs, love, dance, laughter and joy. A life full of wonder. A life WORTH living!Vamos!

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Love. What a beautiful thing :) are in love…. All suddenly changes, everything has a different vibe now. More than words can describe. Well you are so much in love that you can’t stare at her eyes more than a few seconds without blushing, your heart pumps like crazy and for the first time in your life you act like a complete stupid. What a beautiful thing! And those puppy eyes… *sigh
And you hug her and your worlds collide leaving behind a stream of ectatic emotions that you can’t control at all.

And you grab her by the hand and you run and you dance and you are happier than anyone else in this world and you know it and you feel it. You can do anything fcouples-tumblr-photographyblack-and-white-couple-love-vwscocqt.jpgor her. Anything. Your mind and heart are focused upon her constantly and you dream your life together, you dream every moment you want to experience with your star.

She is your heaven, she is your every heartbeat, your every breath. Anywhere you look you look for her. And if you are sad only a word from her on the phone is enough to cure all of your worries. Only one word. this is a Twin Flame story, yes? Hmmm… And now you know that suddenly that word is not there anymore. That familiar sweet voice. The one you used to laugh and play with is not there to reply. And you have to fight. Fight the confusion, fight that little voice within your head that can’t accept what happened. And all the hell brakes loose… And you know you love her but why she is not answering, why she runs? You know you did your best and that confuses you even more. And the mind unfolds each kind of excuse and scenario to identify what might happened. No answers, no reasoning, nothing.
And you dive in the abyss of uncertainty. You blame them, you blame your self. Everything you knew about love is being compromised. All of the romantic patterns you both created with such magic are now fading away in the most cruel unimaginable ways.

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But then they return. And for a strange reason you accept them, forgive them and give them one more chance. The first steps to unconditional love you see. Their excuses don’t make sense but you love them so it’s ok. It matters that you can stare at their eyes again.
Well…. but yet they go away again. And again. Until one day you had enough. You lost all of the feelings, all of that magic is lost.

And the Dark night of the Soul begins. The most painful heart wrenching process you haveIn_Love_by_Queenenigma09.jpg ever been. Your  life is slowly draining out of your eyes. All excitement is gone all the will
for life is vanished. You don’t want to interact with anyone, you don’t wanna do anything, you stop eating normally. All happiness is gone suddenly and you left in a mode of depression never thought possible before. Huh, the Universe with its alchemical processes you see. They don’t mess up there, the engineers of this Life want something from us. And if you didn’t realised what let me tell you. Ego. That’s what they want to subside within us.
That old beast that is full of conditions and fears and all of this crap.

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But in this kind of love you know what is a MUST? To learn how to truly love… Without attachments without expectations. But you are going to say to me how is it possible to love someone so much and not be attached to them? Yeah you are partially right but here is the trick. Attachment comes from the fear of abandonment. Lack of trust in general. Yes you can love your lover and be with him/her but without the suffocation of attachment. How do you achieve that? By loving and accepting yourself so much that it will be possible for you to reflect, attract and receive that kind of love.
The problem in the TF relationships is that people are focusing on the human aspect of this Union and also on the other person instead on them. When we focus on us we expect results FROM US. When we focus on us we don’t judge others or anything external. You see happiness will never come from outside! It’s triggered from the external illusionary world. And you feel happiness because in their eyes is YOU, their love nurtures YOU and you deserve each and every bit of this experience! That joy comes from your Self, but the programming of the society teaches us to expect Love and Joy from something external. That’s why many people are left sad and unfulfilled in their lives. Cause they constantly wait for something external to fulfill their emotions and therefore made them complete.

>> The Ramanti – Twin Flame meditation tool <<

And the purpose of the TF Union is this. Healing of old patterns of programming that keep12961751_1096574827051017_757352207725179098_n leading us to escapism, abandonment, rejection and more and more pain. Does that healing comes with a price? Yes. You need to let go of all of your previous desires. But all these desires that were holding inside attachment and controlling and all these rotten expectations.

You are now in the surrendering stage. You let her go, you blessed her but you don’t expect anything anymore. Now is the time to return Home. Back to who you truly are. A miraculous creation of the Universe with so much power in your hands. Now is the time to recognize your own uniqueness and head back to your mission. Stronger than ever, perhaps with a 38f22-924648_317005398493333_1505314587_nmelodic sadness ringing behind your ears as they are always in your mind. ALWAYS.

Hey, my TF. Thanks. Thanks for the lesson thanks for the most crazy experience, thanks for the shock. Cause it made me see. See within me and fix me. Because of you I became the person I am today. Stronger, wiser, more in touch with my true Essence. Thank you for your love, thanks for everything. I love YOU, I love mySelf, I love and accept all that is.


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I love you now. Unconditionally.

tumblr_mtev46JRrZ1surpcgo1_400.jpgCan I ask you something?
I always wondered.
About the “Divine” habits and processes.
This Twin Flame nonsensical process.
Yes, its about spiritual development and letting go of old relationship paradigms.
You ask yourself over and over again.
Why I deserve this? What have I done to deserve all of that nightmare?
You just found the most magical person to share everything with.
And you are surrendered in their arms, with a sense of knowing.
“Hey I know you! We are alike! We’ve been together for so many lifetimes. I know.”
And you hug each other for hours literally every time. And you are experiencing a portion of a heaven you always believed in, in a way. And then… they stare in your eyes.

And the silence of the Universe becomes music in your ears as they penetrate deep into your soul. 
You hold them by the hand and you run, you run, they run…
You dance, you laugh, you are alive, more than ever in your life. All is more than magical. 
Everyone can see that connection you have. It’s more than vibrant, it’s more than any word can describe…
And you fell in love. And then the show begins.
Fears appear. Fear of losing them. You want them all yours. You want to make sure they are real, not just another play of the Fate.
And hell yes is more than a game this time.
Suddenly all crumbles apart. With no reason. And they run. Away. Due to their fears and insecurities. Due to whatever reason. And you left behind.
Feeling betrayed one more time in this f’d up life of yours. And you try to run after them. And you run, you run again. Broken in ways noone can understand.
(play the video, listen along)

How is it possible for someone who loves you so much, someone who experiences all these wonderful and magical moments to just go away, you ask yourself.
Nothing makes sense. And here you are. In your own dark corner, afraid of everything, again. There is nothing left for you to do. 419aa0817d96431794080c7f8b139de8
And eventually you surrender. But where? To a fate that tooks away what you love most?
To circumstances that betray your dignity and self respect? No.
You surrender to the idea that you can’t control anything in life.
You surrender to a process of transmutation.
Of healing. Healing of old hidden broken love expectations.
And as the pain destroys every part of your Ego, you release everything.
And now that you lost them you realise that you love them, no matter what they did to you. You love them unconditionally. Without having them close to you. As you love yourself more than before now.
But then again you don’t want to see them again. You are afraid. You are tired of falling in love with whoever cares less. You cant trust them anymore and it’s ok.
You seek for communication. For contact. For mutual love and understanding.
Now repeat after me: “I deserve equal and mutual love. I deserve recognition and respect as I love and respect myself first.”

But then again is so tough… So cruel… It rips you apart each day. You don’t want to wake up again. You had enough. You walk around like dead, without any dreams,without hope, with nothing left… Your eyes turn empty. Emotionless.
But then again is ok. As you left with nothing to desire, as all you loved and cared faded away, you left with nothing but a different desire.
A desire to help others not to feel like you did. To help them love themselves enough so they won’t suffer as you did. And that is all about. A process that will eventually lead you to your main purpose and mission in life.

So if you are under this process remind yourself. I am not who I think I am. I am more than that. I came here to serve, help and support as I came here to fulfill my higher purpose.
And HELL yes you deserve awesome hugs and amazing magical moments but make sure first that you get rid of any expectation and also you need to remind yourself daily that all the love you seek out there, you already ARE. Love and Light to all of you. Make yourself a favor and focus on how awesome you already are.

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