About me

3s (330x299)Born in Limassol – Cyprus in 1982, Alex Ftoulis is a life coach, author, master healer, artist, technician & PC modder and a researcher in the domains of analytical and personality psychology, cognitive sciences, eastern and western philosophies and religions, quantum mechanics and more. He is well known for his advanced self development methods and his ability to influence and change people’s lives by using techniques that he created after many years of intense researches and studies. Also he is known for his award winning computer case mods under the nickname “AnG3L”. A work that is featured in many magazines and websites in all over the world.


What I am here to offer:
Lets talk about what I do here. Through the years I developed techniques that allow me to reach the deepest parts of a persons soul and dig into the abyss of the subconscious mind.
Through personality, experimental, cognitive, Jungian psychology and advanced energy healing methods, I am able to penetrate into the depths of the unconscious and subconscious mind and find what is hidden that blocks you from your true potentiality and keeps you away from your dreams.
With a custom diet, exercises, meditation, visualization and incantation techniques, I am reprogramming your mind and life and I am giving you the serenity, truth, peace and mindset of success.
Experience a complete life “metamorphosis” through my life coach programs, unveil your true Self and attract a completely new reality by changing your perspective and perception once and for all.
I created the most powerful tools and I kept them secret for 7 years while I was experimenting with volunteers worldwide, where we saw some phenomenal transformation with people changing completely from drug and alcohol addictions, suicidal behavior and manic obsessions to healthy, peaceful, successful entrepreneurs with amazing personal and social relationships in a record time. Be the next to live the life that you always have been dreaming. Sign now for one of my coaching programs and discover your true potential and get ready to live a life full with adventures, love and passion!


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