Its simple. Its happiness


People nowadays have attached their happiness to material belongings,

relationships and addictions. Their path is filled with needless desires,
“wants”and dreams based only on an illusionary material state.
For them to be happy, they must have and have and this comes to a point
were they might have everything but still they are empty and sad because
they just want to have more without any particular reason.
Then they become sick because their energy is not focusing on inner well being,
instead is attached on fake materials and desires.
Happiness is health, love, harmony, unity. What if you earn the whole world and
loose your health?

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

Look within. Say thanks to every breath you take. Be thankful to the Sun for his
life giving Light. Be grateful to the Universe for its grace and eternal beauty.
Appreciate your health. Life is abundant. You just have to trust and let go.
Enjoy. Respect. BREATH.

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