Our relationship with money

tumblr_md716jKLqC1rqdalko1_500.jpgToday I was inspired by a conversation I had.
Inspired to write about the relationship we have nowadays
with money. If I can call it a relationship…

We live in a fear based era . We are afraid of love, of prosperity, of changing.
And yes our money “relationship” is based on fear mostly.
People have related everything in their lives with money and materials.
Their happiness, their success, their future, their relationships, their social worth.
Even people look more attractive when they say to you they
have a ton of money even if they look like Quasimodo!

And if you don’t have enough or you have a problem earning enough
then the problems begin. Stress, anxiety, problems with relationships etc.
And you know why? Is because we programmed our selves to live
based on money and not living using the money as a tool.
The fear that we might don’t have enough or that the economy will collapse at any time or that we are gonna get fired or that we are not going to find a job it repels money as its an energy as anything else in the Universe.

And that issue that most people have these days with revealing their income.

Are you afraid that I will judge you by the amount of money you get?
Do you fear that I might ask you some?
Or that my envy will bring bad luck to you?
Is it because you measure your level of success with the amount of money you get?
Don’t try to excuse your self. Business models that required you to hide the amount of money you earn they proved complete nonsense years ago.

If you feel successful and secure inside that energy will translate in your life
as prosperity and abundance. NOT the kind of abundance you think though.
It will translate in abundance of time, health and love.

What IF you earn millions and millions but don’t have the time to enjoy your self?
But on the other side people earn nothing and they get really anxious and eventually
sick because of it. Just because they have no flow and they don’t really value themselves.

Don’t be afraid to be successful in your life. But that doesn’t comes from money.
It comes by our personality and character. That whats makes us successful.

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