The Love of the Self


I guess everyone at one point of their lives they hated themselves so much, more than anything else. We hate our bad luck, our broken relationships, our body weight, our hair, our skin, something, anything. And here it goes.
   Blaming yourself, blaming others, judging and repeating this circle.
You feel worthless, damned by the Universe, abandoned by everyone and everything  and of course many of us have such life experiences that excuse our current state of powerlessness.

   And as Seth says “according to your idea you have about your past you manifest in the moment of now a state of powerlessness or empowerment.” So a quick tip here is to change your “story”, how you talk about your past or in general.You can say my parents got divorced and I experienced violence from my dad and noone ever loved me etc etc. Or you can say I was blessed to be through some challenges that helped me grow and mature to the wonderful person I am today! YES!

wp-content-uploads-2013-08-self-hug   To love yourself you need to accept yourself. And when I say accept I mean fully! And if you don’t like something and you can change it then go and change it! And when you can’t accept your individuality, accept all that is, the struggle leads nowhere but to more pain.

   And the most crazy part of our psyche is that in order to “fight” the emotional or physical stress and we are eventually finding “hope” in cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and so on….!  And some girls give their bodies to each and everyone as they lack of the identity of individuality and uniqueness.

Lack of self respect you see…  So by causing more damage somehow we have the stupid belief that we are doing something good I guess? Or in the case of smoking we excuse it like “it soothes me, it calms me” yes it does as it soothes the withdrawl symptoms of the nicotine…

   This is self induced pain. Any kind of self hate comes from external stimulation. Like when we are in many failed relationships we start blaming others anself-love-7d eventually we come to say “it’s like I am cursed or something, no one can appreciate me, I will run away from everyone and stay alone forever” and it goes on and on and on.

There must be always something external. “I gained a lot of weight, I hate the way I look” “I hate my acne” “I hate how my nose looks like” and a ton of things to put us down, with no reason actually! As worrying or damaging yourself even more, won’t lead anywhere, isn’t it? Yes.

   So instead of going outwards for justifications, let’s turn inwards for a bit. Into an ocean of silence. Into a place of acceptance and bliss. In a place where we cease being human and where we recognize our true, Divine essence.5f9a6d1d9810c2d6c79bb00ede0c11da.jpg

   The road to self love is long and it goes from restructuring your whole belief system, t
o past healing, to karmic cleansing and so on. But this should not scare you. Otherwise this is why you are here. To learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally and eventually everything and everyone around you. Your purpose here is to go back to your Source. To who you really are. GOD. How a God can hate a God?

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