I am free…

20026d1I am here to reveal my secrets.
Secrets I kept well hidden for many years.
Secrets that perhaps will set you free. But DO YOU want to be free?
Do you feel secure? Or does the illusion of complacency keeps you numb all those years?

I ‘ve been waiting for the right time you see.
When most people will awake. Or at least be ready.
Well at least they will try to… Try to see within.
But what is inside? Remains of the old world perhaps?
Fake beliefs and a mind programmed to consume perhaps?
A modern obedient slave perhaps?

Did you ever realize that you were programmed to believe in
a certain religion, to talk specific languages, act in certain manner
and even follow a certain diet according in where you were born?
Did you ever stare at the mirror touching your face wondering
who you are and what are you doing in that body?
Did you ever feel the need to fly away and leave behind all
the worries or dance for hours in the rain with a smile on
your face that shouts I AM FREE?

Or did you fill the emptiness with a drink, a burger, some ice cream
a one night stand with no emotions, a cigarette or some drugs
and then you excused your self so passionately that you believed that
your weaknesses are your pride and honor?

Well guess what.

Your emptiness is filled with momentary pleasures.

Addictions, obsessions, lies. Ego driven behavior.
Repeat the circle. Enjoy the illusion. Then repeat after me.
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