How to do it

Many people ask me all the time, how did you do that,
how did you make it so far, how do you accomplish all
those things and always without anyone noticing.
“Cause I love what I do and always work with passion to
be the best, not to compete with anyone but because I always
like to perform with my full potential.”

Recently I realized that something was wrong.
So I challenged myself once more.

The day I began that personal challenge I quit smoking
after 18 years (40-60 cigarettes per day), quit drinking,
started meditation and exercise again after a long time,
went vegan also again, I entered a case modding contest
where I won the first place in my domain, I continued my
research on modern psychology, quantum mechanics,
vortex mathematics and many other domains I left
incomplete all those years where I’ve been studying
for 10-12 hours daily. And all these in 5 months.

Well, what is the ingredient that makes me always to achieve the best results in everything I do and to constantly
challenge my self?

I always give my 110 % for everything I love. And of course I love what I do. That’s the first ingredient. Do what you love the most. And whatever that is you are blessed with the
according talent.

Then is the faith in your powers and talents. If you worked hard in your life to improve your talents in any way possible then this will pay you off always. And you are going to have one more reason to believe in you.
And here is the last bit. As I said in the beginning, I realized
that lately something was wrong. I felt that I was always hitting on an
invisible wall and no matter how hard I was trying to move on
I couldn’t! I realized that I didn’t love myself as I should.
That’s why I was smoking and I was addicted to so many things
that harmed myself. That’s why I was unable to move on. Cause
I didn’t appreciate the one who did all the effort. I didn’t take
care of my souls vehicle. And I also didn’t take care of my mind
and soul by doing this. And you know something? I don’t like
loosing. Especially when it comes down to me. So in 5 months
I woke my true self. What I always was but with a limitation.
This time I am after the true Joy. The joy of conquering one’s self.
Our only and most dangerous enemy. Success is measured with
the level of your control over yourself. If you control your Ego
and your desires you are successfully controlling your own destiny.

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