Give me money!


If I am going to have my own house and a new car I will be happy!
When I will have a steady job and a good income I will be happy!
A new playstation will make me happy, an I-pad, I-pod, I-am-empty.
If I will get this I will be ok. When I will find the love of my life I will be more

And at the end you know what normally happens? Not only you are not going
to have any of these, but you will be more miserable and pathetic than before.

And yes, then you get a horrible disease and you realize that the most
valuable thing in your life is your health.
Then you loose a close friend or relative and you realize that now its already too
late and that you didn’t appreciate what you had at the first place.

People normally blame others for their mistakes, they can’t see how pathetic and
stupid they are and they are looking for happiness in material bullshit.
Well this planet had enough of this nonsense. People like this only waste
valuable resources and offer nothing else than to serve the big corporations
with their greedy behavior.

Feed your emptiness with more emptiness.
Show how pathetic you are by acting more like it.
Do what you do best. Imitate all the other losers around you.
Feed your ego by fulfilling your useless needs.
Be no one. Be nobody. You are good at this.

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