Can you handle this?

I see so many people who try to manifest a TF union with so much passion. People should not indulge in the romantic side of a TF union because there is no any. Running and chasing and all of these games is nothing but the dance of our Egos that are clashing with each other while they try to dominate and it hurts badly. And you fight until you surrender broken in a billion pieces. Is nothing but a lesson, an alchemical process of bringing the feminine and masculine energies in ones body and psyche in complete balance. So at the end you are going to be complete without the need of anything else either a partner. It takes a loooot of pain both in the physical and emotional level no matter how strong you are mentally as this process is needed for us to expand. These Unions are sacred and they have to do with a process that believe me if you knew how it goes, you wouldn’t ask for it even in a million years! Find a soulmate and take the lesson slowly. This is what you seek.

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