I would like to tell you something…

tumblr_n206l6KU4P1rxnoxro1_500.jpg  There are so many things you would love to say daily but you don’t. For so and many reasons! You can’t just walk around and yell “hey boss you s**k” or any random thought comes to your mind.

Also you can’t just go and say to someone who did so many sacrifices for you “hey you know something, I really appreciate everything you did for me”. That’s so wrong.
Trying to show that with actions too? No no no that’s waaay too wrong.
Especially when it comes down to saying sorry. Apologizing? Who me? Why?
Did I do something wrong? I was just protecting my own ego that’s all. Nothing much.
Did I hurt anyone? Oh they are going to be fine they need to take a lesson and grow spiritually.

Yeah and now we laugh, because yes this is ironic. Ego is ironic.
Our inability to say the most beautiful things out of fear of rejection.
Or fear of commitment.
Or fear of abandonment. Well any fear will do I guess.
There is no space for love in fear and also Ego has nothing to do with it too.
Caring comes with actions and first and foremost the action of expression.
Not just words. But energies that turn into vocalized expression of great love and compassion. Expressing is an art that’s mastered by those who have no fear within them1914589_10153968888279798_3080403865084534713_n.

Don’t be afraid to express and also never do it while you might have expectations inside.
“Oh I will tell her how much I love her and she will at least say thank you.” Well, she might get too shy and run away, what is your problem? Just go and turn your emotions to words and actions with no remorse and regret. DO IT.

The next moment that person might not be there. Don’t take things for granted. Live the Life, today. This is what we have. Only the Now.

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