Hey look! I am happy!


All of our lives we seek for happiness. We seek it in other people, in material possessions, drugs, sex, clubbing you name it. We work hard to get the money that will lead us to more and more possessions and more “programmed” joys that our Ego is planning. “I will do this and once I do it I will be happy”, “I am gonna have that relationship and I am gonna be the happiest person in the world”,  “I am gonna buy this and this and I will be complete”. And the show goes on. The Ego speaks and we follow. Again and again.

And the years go by and you seek fulfillment in relationships and in people. You have expectations. Oh my God how many of them! “He/she should do this to me, they shall buy me this on my birthday, they must reply to my message with the same way I express my feelings for them, they must come and visit me because they must miss me” and the list is infinite.


And then one day after years you get tired. Because all these relationships have failed you. All these items you bought became familiar and they don’t produce the original satisfaction as they used to. And you sit there completely empty and disappointed. Because all of these expectations you had they were never met. And you start wondering. Don’t I deserve awesome moments, beautiful relationships and great abundance?

Yes! You do deserve the best. But. Do you REALLY believe it? Or deep inside there is a voice that keeps telling you that all the beautiful things are not meant for you? Or that you never going to have true happiness in life? Are you attracting what you really want or what your truly are within? Well make a guess. This is my first hint but when you can’t change your mind so quickly and therefore your life here are some other tips:
-Cancer patient what they really want is their health back and hell yes they are going to be soooo happy! All it matters to them is their LIFE! So are you healthy? You have a serious reason to be happy!
-Look at children in the 3rd world countries. They have almost nothing but they feel happy with the most simple things and moments. Why? Because is enough for them as they live only in the NOW and they have no worries for tomorrow. Trusting in the Universe and the beauty of life is what it takes to take the first step to happiness.
-Give! Give give and then give some more! Wanna find happiness? Make someone else happy. Many people when they go through extremely painful situations they devote their lives in offering and service. Why? Because they know how it feels to loose everything and because they know what it means to have someone when they need them. Be that human angel you were always seeking in your life and happiness will be guaranteed.

Wanna be happy? Appreciate everything you have. Appreciate the pain as it transforms you to a better happier you. Appreciate the moments when you are abandoning your desires and your Ego as in this moment you are going to find the real you, the true happiness of non-attachment. Wanna be happy? Be more productive, help others, enjoy simple moments, dive into the moment of Now with your heart NOT your mind and your thoughts! Wanna fell in love? Do it with you first in every possible way. Enjoy your self, enjoy your life, remove expectations from your mind, remove negative self talk and set yourself free! YOU ARE FREE!

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